Medipol Human Resources Coordination

Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Our mission as the Human Resources Coordination Department;

To put our signature under great achievements together as Medipol Family by providing the best health service in contemporary standards, respecting the values of the society within a holistic quality understanding, and to rise together with our institution.

To integrate the most advanced technology with expert staff, to provide an exemplary, widespread, integrated service that can reach large masses and to be the first institution preferred and desired to work in the health sector by keeping patient satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Recruitment Policy
As Medipol Health Group, our recruitment policy is to continue to grow by recruiting candidates who can carry the strong brand image, deep-rooted experience and expertise in the sector to the future, adapt to the corporate culture quickly and are open to development.
All job applications are made through our internet adverts, our website or directly to our Human Resources department. Applications are pre-qualified by our specialists according to predetermined criteria for open positions. Candidates who meet the criteria are called for an interview and Human Resources interview processes are initiated.

Our Training Policy
Our training policy is to make Medipol Healthcare Group a pioneer and first-choice institution in the sector through continuous training and development activities; to contribute to corporate and managerial strategic decisions by using up-to-date and scientific training methods and tools; to increase the quality of service offered to patients in line with the quality-oriented service approach.
Training and development activities are implemented as in-house, external and orientation trainings. Our in-house training programmes are supported by our in-house trainers, our university and continuing education centre, and programmes are carried out with expert academicians and trainers.

Performance Evaluation System
The Performance Evaluation System for Medipol Healthcare Group is prepared separately for each position based on targets and competences. It is analysed in 4 groups as Core Competencies, Managerial Competencies, Professional Competencies and Targets and is applied at least once a year.

Performance Evaluation System
Defining success to achieve organisational goals,
Providing motivation,
Career planning,
Analysing Training and development needs.

Career Management
Our aim in Career Management for Medipol Healthcare Group, which is growing day by day, is to plan and shape the development of individuals by ranking the preferences, talents and potentials of employees together with the current and future resource needs of the organisation. One of the most important missions of Medipol Healthcare Group is to meet new information, to blend existing information with new information and to support the development of employees’ career processes with an ever-increasing momentum.

Salary and Fringe Benefits

In accordance with the 4857 numbered labour law, all wages and personal rights of our employees are applied as specified by law.
We have the opportunity to spend time in the cafeterias in our hospitals during breaks.
Relatives of our employees can benefit from staff relatives discount in our hospitals.
Net wage system
Nursery support package
Employee health support package
Social events
Cultural and Artistic Activities
Transport support package
Education support package
Newborn support package for employees who become new mothers and fathers
Support package for married couples
Corporate Discounts package
Housing support package
Medipol Academy career package
Training and Development support package (possibility to receive unlimited certified training)