Human Resources Coordinator

With Medipol Academy, we will discover your talents and support your development and career journey with trainings.

What is in Medipol Academy?

Career Development Center

It is a consultancy center where employees can get detailed information about the departments within the group where they can be promoted, transfer and where their competencies are suitable, and consult departmental requirements as a result of departmental functioning and personality analysis with expert human resources staff.

Young Talent Program

It is a program in which all candidates who are final year undergraduate, master’s or doctoral students; recent graduates or candidates with a maximum of 1 year of work experience can actively participate and will be subjected to the evaluation center criteria and employment will be provided in the most appropriate field with the selection to be made among the candidates who complete the criteria.

Talent Management Center

Talent Management at Medipol is the process of identifying and developing our employees who have proven their success in their duties at different levels and who can take qualified positions in our organization.

Corporate Guidance Center

A corporate guidance center is a professional consultation (guidance) process based on cooperation and trust, using various scientific methods and techniques to contribute to the development of employees and to help identify and solve problems.

Next Generation Learning Platform

The next generation learning platform is designed to develop dozens of different skills of the employees of the organization with experts in their fields. There are approximately 780 training packages in the catalog with more than 7500 pieces of content.

Medipol YEP

“Management Trainee” refers to all of the various training and evaluation processes given to gain personnel in managerial positions. In Turkish, it means management trainee.

Medipol C

It is a next generation platform where sports, art, cooperation and many more activities will be carried out and the activities to be carried out are aimed to become more efficient and enjoyable with the cooperation of our employees.

Medipol C Clubs: Social Projects Club, Culture and Arts Club, Travelers Club, Sports Club, E-Sports Club, Advantages Club, Book Club